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Attn Rafal T. Prinke and Dana Scott especially
Hello dear all,
I am at the moment interested in the fact that there could be a link between Voynich and Alchabitius and/or Nostradamus.
My point is that when you consider V. s heraldry as it appears say in the front cover of his catalogs it ( cat and mouse ) very much looks like a woodcut which is to be found in David Ovason s book which is entitled The Nostradamus code.
My edition is the one of Arrow Books Ltd 1998. On page 610 in the Pictures section you have a fig.20 which very much looks like V. s heraldry with following comment:
"Woodcut from the title page of the 'Alchabitius' text, a version of which was discovered about 1985 by Guy Parguez beraing the names, in manuscript, of both Nostradamus and his son César. The French scholar, Michael Chomarat, has offered a brief but useful study of the Nostradamus copy, and of Alchabitian literature, in the July 1986 edition of Cahiers Michel Nostradamus, p.51 and 54ff."
I have to add that Ovason is very much advocating for N. s use of the 'Green Language' and that but this is not important Chomarat s first name is of course in French Michel.
My question is following: could there be a link between V.s catalogs and this woodcut?

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