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As we say in French, "à bon chat bon rat".

Jonathan de Laufyson Macebearer

LIVERY: Sable and Or
HELM: Gold heraldic helm circa 1200
CREST: A Grey Wolf's head proper.
MOTTO: Bon chat, bon rat (A good cat deserves a good rat - French)
CORONET: Strawberry Leaves
   (Dexter) A cat argent.
   (Sinister) A rat sable.

Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Jean-Yves,

A cursory sweep of the net for "Erhard Ratdolt" points to his being one of
the first printers to use a decorative title-page. Perhaps it will turn out
that the "cat and mouse (rat)" device is actually Ratdolt's pseudo-heraldic
pun on his own name. :-)

If so, it would seem extremely likely that this is what WMV was
(implicitly) referring to in his own pseudo-heraldry. :-)

Happy hunting!, .....Nick Pelling.....

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