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VMs: Re: Beinecke Images

> I seriously don't want to play the pessimist here, but every time before
> that I signed onto Beinecke and entered "Voynich" in their image catalogue,
> I was linked to only four pages of images for retrieval.  Now it has been
> pointed out that there are 14 available, albeit with broken links.  The
> "jump to" link takes us to the musical manuscript, with the incorrect title
> "Cipher Manuscript".  Are we certain that it is MS408 that will be scanned
> and posted, and not the other manuscript?  Perhaps I should have bitten my
> lip and not jinxed it?

I guess you missed my 'welcome back' message that quoted a post from
Dana that the library was going to scan and put on line the VMs.

Here it is again:

I just received a note from Beinecke Library stating that "...the manuscript 
is being scanned in 24-bit color over the next couple of weeks and will be 
available for study, free over the web within the next 4-5 weeks."

That was six weeks ago.


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