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Re: Re: VMs: Beinecke & MrSID...

Hello Nick,

is saves however as *.jpg. How can I dowmload it in MSID format?

Also, this picture brings up one question: if it is the front cover, is it he hard cover? Is there the back cover?  Baresch talks  in his letter about a "codex", the word presumably used mainly for a book. Still,  we know that the VM is in loose folios and they do not show - correct me if I am wrong -  any tyraces of being bound together. Had the VM hard covers at any time? 


======= At 2004-06-01, 13:03:00 you wrote: =======

>Hi everyone,
>At 03:07 01/06/2004 -0700, Rene Zandbergen wrote:
>>Presumably the front cover indeed :-)
>It's possibly already the most downloaded blank front-cover ever. :-)
>>This image appears to be just over 500 dpi.
>>Hard to judge the quality from the picture of the
>>cover, but I suspect it is going to be
>There's no dpi figure listed in the metadata (the LizardTech viewer has a 
>display-attached-information button in the top right), but I can confirm 
>that the compression ratio chosen was (as I predicted) 18:1, which should 
>give excellent quality.
>BTW, MrSID is a wavelet compressor, which (in a nutshell) means that we 
>shouldn't get any "blocking artefacts" (as in JPEG, which compresses 
>pictures by dividing them into a grid of smaller blocks, but whose edges 
>can sometimes visibly mismatch).
>Cheers, .....Nick Pelling...... 
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