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Re: VMs: Slavonic assumption

Hi Antoine,

At 22:06 01/06/2004 +0200, you wrote:
For example: each position within a word is used by different letters. One
counts how
much times a position is used. One obtains a sum per position. For example
within the table hereunder, the position '1' within a
one-letter word occurs 528 times, the same position '1 within a two-letter
word occurs 149 times and its position '2' 40 times, and so on...

Please accept my apologies, but I don't really understand what "counting how much [many] times a position is used" means. Once the figures are counted, I can see where the binary digits come from - but your initial counting process is still a mystery to me.

1- 528
2- 149 40
3- 92  28  67
4- 62  18  38  44
5- 35  5  22  14  55
6- 31  5  7  13  9  39

Alternatively, might I suggest that you post up the code you used to generate these numbers? That might be the least ambiguous way of communicating this information to the list.

Thanks, .....Nick Pelling.....

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