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Re: VMs: Language on 1006106

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From: "Larry Roux" <lroux@xxxxxxx>
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Date:  Tue, 01 Jun 2004 22:45:33 -0400

>With the new scans can anyone figure out the text at the top of 1006106?
>I read malheu altau ?ucz he? vi?t...
>(weird bar on top of lucz - could that relate to the sh vs ch in Voy?)  

   Just played with the thing in PS a little. My reading is:

"malher aller lucz her vi?l..."

   The bar above "cz" is striking to me. Digraph "cz" was used in Czech (and is still in use in Polish) for sound of "ch" in "chin". And word "lucz" in slavonic would probably mean "ray of light" (or maybe "torch"?).
   I know, that means nothing...

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