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VMs: OK, I give in, how's it done then?

Barbara Baffles;
What am I doing wrong or what software am I missing; because I can not get
anything from the library site except the thumbnails!

I'm running Opera 7, which included Java in the download, and Ifranview as a
plug in viewer.

I right click on the 400, 800, or the SID and nothing happens. I click on
the thumbnail and I do get a bigger one, but not all that hot a scan or very

So how do I get to these great high def images so's I can right click and
choose "save this image" then?

I was off line for a while; first due to a bit of a crisis on the home
front, and then the keyboard went b*gger-up, I come back to great news on
the VMS front (maybe now others will see the things I saw in the Hight Def
4-colour repro <g>) and find I can not participate!
Waaaaaaaa! I want my Voynee!


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