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Re: VMs: .sid Viewers

On 6/6/04 1:49 PM, "Nick Pelling" <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> IMO, what we really need is a good recommendation for some software for
> forensic examination and enhancement of our detailed images - not just
> gamma tweaking.
> A brand-new image-enhancement technique I've just Googled onto is Retinex -
> has anyone here used this? (It's sold by TruView under the name
> "PhotoFlair") Applying this process to all the VMs sid-files might reveal
> many unseen details:-
>        http://dragon.larc.nasa.gov/retinex/
>        http://dragon.larc.nasa.gov/retinex/medical_imaging.pdf
>        http://www.truview.com/
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

This looks very promising, and they have trial downloads for both Windows
and Mac OS X. Price for the full versions looks pretty reasonable too.

A potentially useful freeware tool (good for Windows, Unix, and both Mac OS
X and Classic MacOS is ImageJ, which is the successor to NIH Image:


It does not handle MrSID images, but it will do all sorts of stuff with
other formats (like TIFF for example), and the source code and loads of
plugins are available for download too.


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