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Re: Re: VMs: .sid Viewers

Hello  Nick,  

======= At 2004-06-06, 21:49:00 you wrote: =======

>Hi everyone,
>I also installed both, but suspect that what you're seeing in the Geomatica 
>FreeView is merely a different "gamma curve" - this would enhance some 
>detail at the expense of others, so is not a free lunch. :-o
As it is used for  geospatial data, I would assume that the Geomatica accuracy must be superior contrary to any enhancements which are after all  more sofisticated tweakings. After all, isn't it thanks to some "enhancements" that we can now see the famous "pyramid" on Mars?

I sent e-mail to Geomatica for more details - namely if " waht we get is what we see and at the same time I downloaded the PhotoFlair, for comparison, thanks for the tip.


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