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Re: VMs: Wiki book...

Hi Rene,

At 23:29 06/06/2004 -0700, Rene Zandbergen wrote:
the VMs Wiki book seems inaccessible at the moment.

...as is wiktionary.org and wikipedia.org, etc - all the MediaWiki sites. :-( This sometimes happens, but it's usually only very temporary - and all the data is backed up very regularly. :-)

I noted last time that an 'anonymous' user has
been working on it. That's also what I did until
I found out that it's useful to get a login name
and edit while being logged in, so that people
can see who did the editing.

That ~may~ have been me. I (mistakenly) thought I was being automatically logged back in (having logged in earlier).

I also noted that someone called 'guanaco'
decided that the 'links' page deserves immediate
deletion. No reason was given. Perhaps it is
because there is an E-mail address on it.
It seems a good idea to remove that address,
which is what I wanted to do until I noted I
could not get access at all.

Yes, it's true - Wikis are patrolled by Helpful Elves (though in this case it may well be a Helpful Camelid):-

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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