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VMs: Re: Wiki book...

> the VMs Wiki book seems inaccessible at the moment.

It went down while I was there yesterday, and never came up.

> I noted last time that an 'anonymous' user has
> been working on it. That's also what I did until
> I found out that it's useful to get a login name
> and edit while being logged in, so that people
> can see who did the editing.

That user was probably me. I've added my own theories
(and was careful to lable them as such) to several pages.
I also added "The alphabet" to the cross-folio section. 
I'll get a login name soon. 

> I also noted that someone called 'guanaco' 
> decided that the 'links' page deserves immediate
> deletion. No reason was given. Perhaps it is 
> because there is an E-mail address on it.

Then they did so after I left, because the links were still there,
last I saw.

> It seems a good idea to remove that address,
> which is what I wanted to do until I noted I
> could not get access at all.


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