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VMs: Caravaca 'Cipher'

Forgive me if this is old news. Apparently, in the window of a chapel in the holy city of Caravaca (Spain), there is a circular text of unknown language in pecualiar characters.

I have just received a poor-quality clipping with a photo. The clipping is from a local newspaper, and reveals next to nothing - not even the name of the chapel. The photo shows a ring of 42 characters surrounding a curved cross (curved so it looks a little like a swastika). It comprises some 30 to 40 different characters (depending how you read them), with no obvious break (other than a kind of asterisk symbol, which could just be one of the characters). The characters are a mixture of Romanesque letters (O E T M W R), and a few that are similar to Voynichese (the 'q', gallows and cursive -in, -iin endings). I don't feel, at first glance, that there is a connection between this window and the VMS, but it is interesting. With such a short text and so few repeated letters I'm not shocked to read that it has "baffled generations of scholars". Surprisingly, I can find not a single reference to it on the net.

Anybody else know anything?


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