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Re: Re: VMs: transcriptions and shorthand notes

Hello Ken, send me pictures and text, I can post  it  on my page,

======= At 2004-06-16, 14:34:00 you wrote: =======

>Ted Young wrote:
>>You read my mind.  Just this weekend I noticed some striking symmetry in the
>>Voynich alphabet (or whatever it may be).  I have laid out the alphabet in
>>the following table.  This is by no means the only way to group them, nor
>>does it bring up any obvious solutions.  Just thought that it might inspire
>I've tried a similar approach.  As an experiment, I broke down the form 
>of all the common letters - not including the gallows - into a series of 
>strokes - ala shorthand.  It's quite reductive and I wish I was web 
>savvy enough to post a link here with my results.  I added this stroke 
>font using the number keys within the EVA Hand font file.  (I'll talk to 
>my web friend to see if I can post this). 
>The gist of what I did came up with consists of  10 character fragments 
>as follows:
>The EVA <e>,<i>,<o> and <q> are the same as seen in the MS.
>horizontal bar/connector (as seen in <ch>)
>a swoop or backwards C (as seen in EVA <b>,<n>,<r>,<s>) as a 
>superscript, script, and subscript
>the looped element of EVA <g> and <m> as a script and superscript.
>This is all sort of pedantic, but I believe there may be something 
>possibly informative here.
>Look at this series: 
><r>=<i>+superscript swoop
><s>=<e>+superscript swoop
>I know there is a long history of stroke analysis with the MS but 
>looking at the fabulous new detail in the new scans gives me more reason 
>to contemplate this idea.
>PS.  I'm very busy at present, but I plan to update the CD of the 
>complete pdf version I created some months back with the new scans.  I 
>also intend to do proper alignments and foldouts in the pdf so you can 
>print out the entire file and create an accurate reproduction of the 
>physical MS.  If anyone is interested, let me know.
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