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Re: VMs: 1006184 & 1006185

Dear all,

--- william edmondson wrote:

 <lots snipped>

> My comment on the strawberries is that the
> morphology in the VMS  
> drawing is hopelessly wrong in so many respects. 
> I'm looking for more  
> than just impressions.  Is that wrong?


> If we are going to establish a  
> wiki site on the basis of the new images we should
> be careful about the  
> quality of the ideas/information we put there.

My idea is that, after some iterations and 
careful editing, the text on such pages could 
be something like:

"the identification of the plant [or whatever
illustration we have] is not certain.
X proposes it could be a Y based on
observation Z.  
X2 proposes it should rather be Y2 based on
observations Z2 and objections A3.
See also the general information about the
accuracy of medieval herbals written by 
experts U and V." ...
...(for example)

Note that there are lots of plant identifications
made by Petersen, and many as yet unread notebooks
by Mrs.Voyinch (who preumably consulted experts
of her time), which are kept in the Beinecke.

Cheers, Rene

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