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Re: VMs: dB request: was: transcriptions and shorthand notes

    On 9 Jun 2004 at 21:23, GC wrote:

    > Happy to be of assistance, but once again I have erred.  Two files
    > were omitted from the list because I downloaded them separately.  
    > is 1013391.sid , which is a redundant image of the front cover.  
    > second is more important, f88r, 1037112.sid.  

I had downloaded quite a few SID's, including 1037112 (f88r), before I decided to look for a download manager.
Over 5 percent of the downloaded files were defective. 
No defects in those directly from the URL's with the downloader. 
I wanted a simple downloader with no ulterior function. 
Found this with GNU license.

Windows:   http://millweed.com/projects/wackget/

universal:   http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/wget.html

I made copies of the SID's before I used the name conversion batch 
file. There were no errors in the conversion.

Cross reference for transposed sequences (omitting the 1006 prefix)

197 (f68v1)
196 (f68v3_f68v2)

201 (f70v1)
200 (f70v2)
205 (f72v1)
204 (f72v3_f72v2)
231 (ros at END OF LIST)
1037112 at END OF LIST  (f88r)
235 (f89v1_f90r1_f90r2)
234 (f89v2)
237 (f90v1)
236 (f90v2)
243 (f95v1)
242 (f95v2)
251 (f101v1_f102r1_f102r2)
250 (f101v2)
253 (f102v1)
252 (f102v2)

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