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Re: Re: VMs: 1006184 & 1006185

======= At 2004-06-10, 18:55:00 you wrote: =======

>> IMO, the first sensible step should be to put together (semi-)automated
>> ways of Wikifying existing data and placing it all on the Wikibook site.
>> Collating this quantity of information will be a significant technical
>> task

What we are missing right now is some kind of subject/author index, that is for each subject to name 
the authors and their last words on related subject, with the link to their literature (on that paricular subject),  something like "whodonewhat". After all, we are sometimes promoting the ideas which were
already suggested/studied before and the results were published. 

That may help us to avoid  re-inventing  the wheel(s). It may not be the last words in the particular 
research, but it will surely save the time.  The subjects should not be too wide neither too narrow, but I 
do not see the main problem there. 



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