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RE: VMs: F66r

In the Latin alphabet, is E a modified version
of F? is Q a modified version of O? One could say
that I, L, D, F, H are I-based and C, G, O, Q
are C-based, but there are vowels and consonants
in both.

	True - but, what if the glyphs aren't
representative of an alphabetic letter? Whether
shorthand snippets glued together to form a distinct
meaning - or something like radicals and phonemes
glued together to make a glyph - there are very
obvious patterns to be seen. Sure, the same can be
true of any alphabet where we have some letters
that are symetrical and others that aren't, some
like you pointed could be classed as i & c based,

	The problem of course is determining what
degree of difference in a similar flourish or ligature
before we call it a different flourish or ligature.
GC pointed out several loop types over the 'ch' to make
the 'sh'... I think in reality the only ones that exist
are the same ones we've already identified as part of
our regular set... r/s, b/n, g/m, l/y, d/j

	I think most 'sh' glyphs consist of an initial
s or b followed by an 'h' ending (the b crosses the h-bar),
however some of them are a plain ch with the s final attached
to the 'h' end of the sh.  Now take this one step further and
use the same ch - but instead of adding an 's' final - attach
a 'y-final' or an 'a+n final' or an 'o-final' and you have
just created some weirdos where the last character is part of
the ch 'chy' (as opposed to the two distinct glyphs ch
followed by y), 'cho', 'cha'iin.

	Once again... the @ sign is an 'a' with the 'n' final
attached directly to it instead of being attached to a glyph.

	Gallows, crossed gallows, and split gallows are obviously
a little hard to figure into the build-a-glyph 'shorthand' or
whatever it is that makes these characters what they are.

	I agree however - we're going to have a hard time determining
where to draw the line to assure ourselves that we're not getting
into micro-cryptographic solutions that are too dependant upon three
or four variations of the same flourish being interpreted conveniently
to align with a solution.

	The new details will make us all want to jump up and scream
I found something - because there seems to be a wealth of information
that we were missing. Even the tiny holes in the top right corner of
every recto page of the first quire which in my view seems to indicate
that quire was once tied closed (and perhaps looped through a belt) were
relatively unimportant noise in the copyflo (and may still be), but I think
it shows this quire was handled a little differently than subsequent quires
as the author increased the size of his collection. I haven't seen any signs
on any other quires where there is a consistent feature that ties the whole
quire together (figuratively) other than our interpretations of the content.

	Enough rambling... till next time.


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