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Re: VMs: F66r

On Saturday 12 June 2004 02:21, John Grove wrote:
> 	The new details will make us all want to jump up and scream
> I found something - because there seems to be a wealth of information
> that we were missing. 

Sure. In this case my point (which somehow has evolved to address the generic 
problem of how to dissect characters) was that the weirdo in f57 can now be 
recognised as one composite of characters that are found on their own 
elsewhere. (The left part (Lo) (now in f66r) and the <v>).
In this case I think it would make sense to make the ammendment of the font, 
because if not, the (Lo) in f66r cannot be coded properly.

I also agree with GC that the colour images would allow to refine and improve 
the EVA alphabet, but one has to make sure that new modifications do not 
introduce unnecessary subjectivity. I still am unsure on how to deal with [r|
s], other than marking them like that, and I am not very convinced that the 
<sh> plumes are written consistently into defined classes, but there is a 
whole spectrum.
I agree with the low-connected <ee>s. This is already built in the EVA format.



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