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Page/quire order, was RE: VMs: F66r

--- Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> If you print out the (double-sided) balneo bifolios,
> fold them as they are 
> folded now, but then reorder them to match all the
> various features 
> together, you'll find that there is only one correct
> order possible. I 
> described this on-list ages ago, IIRC.

This "one correct order possible" statement is
interesting enough to test it out. Could you find it

Another interesting statement you made, which
deserves closer examination, is that there is more
colour imprinting onto adjacent pages in
one direction than the other. If true, it is another
useful piece of the puzzle.

> I mentioned, I think 
> quire 9 was back to front (with its outermost
> bifolio wrapped around the 
> others) when it had its quire signature added: I
> don't think it likely that 
> the original author would have got that so wrong.

Another potentially valid explanation for quire

> Similarly, quire 20 was signed back to front, and
> that doesn't even have 
> any fold-out pages to confuse the quire signer.

You can't refold that bifolio to put the quire mark
in the "right" place. Also, on the same bifolio
is f116v (oladabas) which makes sense only 
(or rather: mostly) as the very last, empty, page.

> Furthermore, the balneo quire (quire 13) is signed
> on an out of order page, 

No, it's in the "right" place.

> I conclude that the quires were almost certainly
> signed after the bifolios 
> had been misordered, 

If you turn that around, I'd be much happier:
 ... if the bifolios have been misordered, then that
     shows that the quire marks were added after
     that happened. 

In the initial herbal sections, quire marks occur
also on the B-language pages, without any
obvious difference, so either:
- the bifolios were mixed up and the quire marks
  were added afterwards
- everything is in order, but some herbal pages
  (the B-language ones) were written much later (or
   earlier) than the others.

Finally, what are these extra herbal pages doing
towards the end of the MS? For me, another 
good argument that the current page order in
the MS is not correct.

Cheers, Rene

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