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RE: VMs: F66r

Zitat von John Grove <John@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> ...
> Even the simplest things like defining an alphabet or being confident of the
> page order
> is difficult with this puzzle ...

Au contraire, methinks: Defining the character set is obviously both a very
difficult and crucial part. Since we're so used to getting text in ASCII (or at
least teletype or typewriter...), with clearly discernible letters, we're left
fairly helpless in front of this handwritten unknown character set, and argue
endlessly what are variations in handwriting, or accidental jumps of the quill,
and what are regular letters in their own right.

He couldn't know it, but it was obviously the trickster's most effective stunt
to use the unknown alphabet, since all our high-tech number crunching can't be
applied effectively before we crack the character set.



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