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VMs: A few missing scans and a few that are curled...

	Has anybody found the sid files etc for f68recto 1,2,3 and f87verso?
	I wonder what it would take to get some rescans of folios that were curled
	f71r (june) 1006203;
	f71v (july) 1006204;
	f67r2 1006194 (right edge curled in missing some text);

	Since I'm still living in the boondocks and on a very slow dial-up, the sid
files take
some time to download - but are certainly worth it. I just looked at f69v
and to my surprise
I found two EVA 'y' glyphs with a horizontal bar floating above them in the
innermost circular
text center of page... dair 'y' chdy otoar ar 'y' chy ... I wonder how many
new glyph affects
we're going to be adding to the set!


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