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Re: VMs: A few missing scans and a few that are curled...

On Wednesday 16 June 2004 23:49, John Grove wrote:

> I found two EVA 'y' glyphs with a horizontal bar floating above them in the
> innermost circular
> text center of page... dair 'y' chdy otoar ar 'y' chy ... I wonder how many
> new glyph affects
> we're going to be adding to the set!

That glyph was already in the font. &173;
The ttf will have an update sometime in the future to (among other things) 
allocate weirdoes to places that Windows seems to have reserved after 1997 
(when the font was made).

There is also the possibility to allocate the glyphs into the reserved space 
of the unicode set. Rafal is helping me to sort this out so it does not clash 
with other interesting fonts (latin abbreviations, etc).


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