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Re: VMs: RE: Writing in plant illustrations

On Wednesday 16 June 2004 01:56 pm, Philip Neal wrote:
> >	I wonder if they represent what colours should be applied to the leaf
> > etc?
> >
> >	John.
> I have always thought this about the g on f1r and I think that the
> example on f4r is
> German 'rot' i.e. 'red' (g would then be 'grun'). Don't know about the
> rest though.
> Philip Neal

I have been trying something called colour deconvolution on some of the 
images. In short this allows for a subtractive colour model of inks or 
filters to be separated into the original colours.
This means that the one can separate the green paint from the brown ink when 
they are superimposed.

This works very good for the leaf of f2r to reveal what it says in the ink.
(it looks like <ioranon>)

For f7r and f9v the technique does not work that well because the hues are 
close to each other, but one can get the main paint colour and then do a 
ratio of the original to the one with only the main paint.
In both images it seems to me that the writing is "rot", similarly to what 
appears in f4r in the stem (people, me included, thought it said "tor").

When I have some time, I will post some of the images.

So given that this is not in vms-script, are we talking German??


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