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Re: VMs: New VMS pdf

Ken W wrote:
> I'm hoping to recompile a pdf of the complete MS if there is interest
> and it is not breaking any laws.

	By all means do!  

> What I hope to do is create a digital equivalent to the physical
> manuscript.  Here are some of the features I would love to include:
> -  The quires can be grouped as they exist, yet I would love the ability
> for someone to easily rearrange the folios and quires to experiment. -
> Alignment (where possible) of recto and verso sides so a print out would
> register as in the physical MS.

	I like having the folios two-up for this purpose.  See
below, however.

> -  Recreation of the foldouts which could also be printed or viewed as
> they exist.

	It would be nice, but printing them out without going
to an outside 
printer would be undoable for most of us. There might
be some provision 
for this.  

> -  Imbedded page data (i.e.., Takahashi transcription, word counts,
> distribution analysis, etc.).
> -  Ability for any user to insert notes and comments which can be
> exchanged between researchers.
> -  It may not be the most scientific approach but I do believe with the
> features on Acrobat 6 and some simple programming, it is possible to do
> OCR compiling from the pdf.  One possible use of this could be to create
> a font breakdown (i.e., stroke based or an alternate letter definition)
> and run an analysis on the text.  If there is any use for this, let me know.

	I agree with Nick, it might not be the best place. 
However, you could 
just include the data files on the PDF for convenience,
and a possible later 
wider distribution. 

> -  Anything else anyone can think of...

	As I said earlier, something to allow convenient
printing, though not compatible with the sort of layout
I mentioned 
earlier, would be desirable, for someone without the
patience to 
print it out image by image, and for possible wide
distribution later. 

> My hope is to create a "physical" reference with as much of the compiled
> knowledge already in existence.  I have a scaled, printed and bound
> version of the previous pdf and I believe there is something intangibly
> advantageous to holding and flipping through a reproduction of the MS
> which one cannot get from piecemeal analysis of digital images alone.

	Yes!  I fully agree.  I was compiling myself a hard
copy of the best 
images available when the sid's came out.  As someone
said long ago, computers 
have tunnel vision, and you can get a feel for the Ms
this way you never could with loose poor paper copies
or with a transcription.  

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