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Re: VMs: New VMS pdf

Nick Pelling wrote:

Going for the full MrSID resolution for this might be a scary download for most people: we're getting 60MB TIFFs per page from the decode utility, so even my favourite quire 9 (balneo, 5 bifolios, no fold-outs) could easily end up being 5 x 4 x 60 = 1200MB.

Since there is no optimum version possible - every plus has a negative - I was thinking of using a mid to high decompression of the original MrSIDs for the pdf. Using the Photoshop plug, in I found that there is acceptable information loss at the 4:1 decompression. This leaves each page at about 4MB. With additional info I do believe I can cram it all on two CDs.

I can also create a CD with the compressed MrSIDs and a viewer which would make full resolution images available.
My intention is to make CDs as I did before and do the same "chain mail" distribution. I agree downloads WOULD be too massive.

FWIW, to illustrate the how-to-fold-quire-9 discussion, I was thinking of using rather less hi-res images, and placing them 2-up within a PDF, so that people could print them out double-sided on A4 sheets (folded down the middle):-
page 1: | f75r | f84v |
page 2: | f75v | f84r |
page 3: | f76r | f83v |
page 4: | f76v | f83r |

Then you'd lose the scale. What I did for my version is to print out the recto sides of the foldouts, flip the papers, print the versos, then cut and taped the parts together. It's not elegant, but it is cheap and effective.

- Recreation of the foldouts which could also be printed or viewed as they exist.

Not so trivial for most of us with low-end A4 colour printers. :-(

See above

- It may not be the most scientific approach but I do believe with the features on Acrobat 6 and some simple programming, it is possible to do OCR compiling from the pdf. One possible use of this could be to create a font breakdown (i.e., stroke based or an alternate letter definition) and run an analysis on the text. If there is any use for this, let me know.

Contrary to what you might think, our transcriptions aren't ~quite~ that robust. :-o

Maybe I'll look into this more...

Ken Walczak
801 Design

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