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Re: VMs: New VMS pdf

Hi Ken,

At 17:42 17/06/2004 -0500, Ken Walczak wrote:
I'm hoping to recompile a pdf of the complete MS if there is interest and it is not breaking any laws.

What I hope to do is create a digital equivalent to the physical
manuscript.  Here are some of the features I would love to include:

- The quires can be grouped as they exist, yet I would love the ability for someone to easily rearrange the folios and quires to experiment. -
Alignment (where possible) of recto and verso sides so a print out would register as in the physical MS.

Going for the full MrSID resolution for this might be a scary download for most people: we're getting 60MB TIFFs per page from the decode utility, so even my favourite quire 9 (balneo, 5 bifolios, no fold-outs) could easily end up being 5 x 4 x 60 = 1200MB.

FWIW, to illustrate the how-to-fold-quire-9 discussion, I was thinking of using rather less hi-res images, and placing them 2-up within a PDF, so that people could print them out double-sided on A4 sheets (folded down the middle):-
page 1: | f75r | f84v |
page 2: | f75v | f84r |
page 3: | f76r | f83v |
page 4: | f76v | f83r |

This would be not quite the level of an unofficial facsimile edition (which Yale might get a little iffy about), but something useful as a practical tool.

- Recreation of the foldouts which could also be printed or viewed as they exist.

Not so trivial for most of us with low-end A4 colour printers. :-(

- Imbedded page data (i.e.., Takahashi transcription, word counts, distribution analysis, etc.).

Probably best in our Wikibook. :-)

- Ability for any user to insert notes and comments which can be exchanged between researchers.

Definitely best in our Wikibook. :-)

- It may not be the most scientific approach but I do believe with the features on Acrobat 6 and some simple programming, it is possible to do OCR compiling from the pdf. One possible use of this could be to create a font breakdown (i.e., stroke based or an alternate letter definition) and run an analysis on the text. If there is any use for this, let me know.

Contrary to what you might think, our transcriptions aren't ~quite~ that robust. :-o

My hope is to create a "physical" reference with as much of the compiled knowledge already in existence. I have a scaled, printed and bound version of the previous pdf and I believe there is something intangibly advantageous to holding and flipping through a reproduction of the MS which one cannot get from piecemeal analysis of digital images alone.

The CopyFlo used to perform a rough approximation to that feeling for many of us here... but it fell so short so often. :-( If the VMs is at all steganographic, the answer is staring us right in the face (but only if we're looking at the document, not at its transcription). :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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