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VMs: Bifolio thumbs flipper

	The first three quires are loaded at




	The bottom left bifolios are based on the recto page in the
top VMS, the bottom right bifolio will be its reverse side.

	Clicking on an image on the top VMS will turn the page
in either direction and flip the bifolios. When you get to
the end of the quire the next click will load the next quire page.

	Going backwards by quire isn't calculated yet - it just reloads
the beginning of the previous quire.

	If you're on dial-up like me the thumbs may take a little while to
load - but not very long really.

	Not sure if this small a view is helpful to anybody else, but it's
work that I can manage - so I'm doing it. I can't wait to get to the
pages so I can flip open each fold (a little work on snipping and resizing
jpegs will be necessary to get the right fit).

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