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Re: VMs: Re: VMS images and copyright

Hi GC,

It's good to know that something like Ken is working on is fully in the clear, 
that's all.  Beinecke definitely deserves credit and our thanks.  The sid 
images are really cool!

(If they don't hold copyright, then Beinecke has no legal control at all - you 
can use and distribute them for free, for profit, modified, unmodified, 
whatever you want.)

- Walter

On Saturday 19 June 2004 07:31 pm, GC wrote:
> Walter,
> When I requested Beinecke permission to use their photonegative images in
> my transcription files, they said they do not hold a copyright to the work,
> but ask only that they be acknowledged in the use of their images.  I think
> that's a very gracious attitude, and they deserve all the credit due them!
> On the other hand, if someone were to try to publish the images in a volume
> as a book for profit, something other than research or information value,
> Beinecke might have grounds to put their foot down.
> GC
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