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Re: Re: VMs: Re: VMS images and copyright

Hello Walter,  

======= At 2004-06-19, 21:41:00 you wrote: =======

>(If they don't hold copyright, then Beinecke has no legal control at all - you 
>can use and distribute them for free, for profit, modified, unmodified, 
>whatever you want.)

This statement can be surely contested. True, they could not have made it more public then by
posting  it on net with encouragement for downloads. But that's where their permission stops - they  did incurred high expenses for the scanning etc., so profiteering is certainly out of line and anybody who would charge more than expenses for the copies  could be branded that way.

All this is actually only a speculation. Why don't you directly tell Beinecke what you intend to do and
ask their permission?  Especially when you will charge only expenses? They of course do have
the right  to be the first to do that themselves. If they decline, they may not have further grounds for refusing the approval, but that is still not enough.  On the other hand, the coincidence of VM scanning and the new book by Churchill/Kennedy  may suggest  that the initiative for scanning came from authors. After all, one of the authors is the relative of Mr. Voynich. Now if for instance the above book may present some scans as well, you may have a problem  - we do not know what their agreement was.


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