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Re: Tachygraphy : was RE: VMs: F66r

I have had a look at the transcription files but haven't saved them anywhere
as yet. They look interesting to say the least. I would like to see the
files with spacing symbols present. Have you any idea when this will be
ready? I also want to run some analysis on what you have produced. This
means writing more code but should be worth it.


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> Jeff wrote:
> > I would be VERY interested to see your transcription. One question I
> to
> > ask is your opinion on verbose groupings. ie 'ol' or 'or' that seem to
> > glued
> > together a lot.
> The best way to view my transcription at present is to download the
> following TrueType font, and apply it to the quire text files.  (If I
> remember, IE with security settings above medium won't allow you to
> a .ttf file, so you may have to alter your security settings temporarily
> get this file.)   I wouldn't waste my time on the large pdf's since the
> transcription will be undergoing a change soon.  Input is appreciated, of
> course.  Many of these folios (at least 30) will be suffering little or no
> alteration, since they're pretty straight forward and unambiguous.
> the occasional "cc" ambiguity that throws of the numbering by one, but
> were work-arounds for that before we had the sid files, so most of these
> should have already been straightened out.

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