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Re: VMs: Follow-up

Zitat von surfing t <surf17@xxxxxxxxx>:

>... I don't
> want to spend a lot of time on the VM if chances are its a hoax, so I'm
> looking for indicators that it isn't. 


IMHO the strongest argument against a hoax is: The closer you look at the text,
the more rules become apparent which govern the composition -- like "Paragraph
initials are gallows", "serveral glyphs are word-inital or word-terminal only", etc.

_If_ this is a hoax, the author went very far in inventing and following rules,
much more than one would expect from a 15th century trickster. (Probably even
further than the linguistic knowledge of his time went.) Besides, there even are
features (like the high word repetition rate) which make the VM look
"unnatural", and which a hoax author would probably not have used for this very

Please, what is a "CBC-cipher", btw?



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