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Re: VMs: Thoughts about Roman numbers in the VMS


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>Dear all,
>Since the topic was mentioned again, I wanted to share a few thoughts about the
>idea of the VM being written in something like Roman numerals.
>The most obvious approach to this would be that every "group" we find in the VM
>corresponds to a (modified Roman) number. A codebook would hold the
>correspondences of numbers and plaintext words.


the "roman numeral" hypothesis has one plus: it would explain the "shortness" of VM "words". Well, 
not entirely, what is the longest one (MDCCCLXXXVIII)?

However, we have more characters in the VM than there is basic Roman numerals  (I,V,X,L, etc..)
Secondly, it would require the codebook of  - how many different "words" are in the VM? :-)

One thing seems to be certain: based on recently published  tables of script segments organization, 
as well as works of Ken Walczak (see his table at:    http://penigma.netfirms.com/VM/b30.htm),
the VM script is definitely a set of ARTIFICIALLY invented characters  - quite different from naturally
developed scripts - the intent being to make the characters simpler and organized in some logical system.

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