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Re: Re: VMs: Thoughts about Roman numbers in the VMS

Zitat von GC <gc-@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Your Mr. Young is following in the footsteps of a master, namely myself.  

Hey master... why don't you simply give us one translated paragraph from the
VMs, or at least share some more of your wisdom with us than vague allusions
sprinkled with some smoke and mirrors? It's getting a tad tedious...

> ...
> > ..   "i", "n" and   "m", "f", "t" and "l",  "e", "c" and "o",  "b", "d"
> and "k"... ).
> > That  is because it is based only on partial, sometimes even dubious
> similarity
> > and there is hardly any logical connection or systematic arrangement
> there.

That had been my point: The similarity of composition of latin letters may or
may not reflect similarity in sound/"meaning" -- while "m" and "n" look and
sound similar, "c" and "o" just look somewhat alike.

After all, there's only so many ways to arrange a limited amount of graphical
elements. Thus, a schematic buildup of VM characters may or may not represent an
underlying logic.

> ...An
> example of this is the EVA <iin>.  We all know that this is a cursive "m",
> we all refer to it as a contiguous glyph, no matter the transcription
> alphabet, 

Uhm... I don't know who "all" is in that case, but would you please count me out
on that one?

I agree that it looks like an "m", but I wouldn't bet it _means_ one, nor would
I bet <iin> is one glyph only.

Actually, I feel you're constantly underappreciating the great strength of the
EVA. It decomposes the VM script into smallest graphical units, not "logical"
ones. This is "hypothesis-free", ie independent of the theory you're using on
the VM. If you come to the conclusion that <iin> might actually represent a
singly glyph, it's not too difficult to contract an EVA transcription to reflect

If OTOH you start out with that assumption and represent <iin> with, say "m" in
your transcription, it's way more difficult to decompose that.

EVA is an unbiased system which allows you to remain open to all theories. It
may not uncover the whole truth, but it isn't hiding any either. IMHO.

> GC


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