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VMs: Calligraphy and separate bifolios...?

Hi everyone,

At 09:10 22/06/2004 -0500, Jan wrote:
Absolutely.   The pen was made as shown here

The nib was then ready for use. As it broke or became worn, it could be resharpened multiple times just using that handy little [pen-]knife. Calligraphers sometimes derive great satisfaction by examining ancient manuscripts to see how many times the scribe sharpened his quill.

Interesting: now that we have excellent quality images, perhaps it might be time to look closely for evidence of one long-standing hypothesis - that each bifolio was written separately.

From the subtle bleed-across in the drawn ink (ie, not paint) from f2v to f3r, I think that we can reasonably conclude that these two facing pages in quire 1 were probably adjacent at (or near to) the original time of construction. My question is simply this: from looking at f2v, was f3r (on the facing page) written next, or was f7r (on the other half of the bifolio) written next?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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