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VMs: Introduction

Hi folks,

I have already posted a few messages, but I thought I should introduce myself 
properly too.

I am a grad student in physics, working on a search for dark matter in the 
form of weakly interacting massive particles.  I don't have any particular 
skills or knowledge of cryptology, but I have been following the archives of 
this mailing list for a while now.  This seemed like a good time to join the 
discussion, because the new high-quality images present a lot of 
opportunities to contribute something useful without necessarily knowing much 
about quattrocento ciphers, Cardan grilles, or medieval bookbinding.

My list of writing within the illustrations of plants is now pretty complete, 
in that I have looked at all the plants in the VMS and have catalogued all 
the notations I could find.  Another project that was suggested recently is 
to make a catalogue of all the instances in which colors have bled from one 
page onto the next, especially testing whether one direction is preferred.  I 
would be interested in working on this, and scanning for other feature in the 
sid files if there are more suggestions.

- Walter
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