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Re: Re: Re: VMs: Thoughts about Roman numbers in the VMS

Zitat von GC <gc-@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> ...
> I don't believe I've ever grandstanded and screamed "Eureka!", though once
> in awhile in the past I felt I was a lot closer than I was, so my speech was
> confident, though sometimes misguided.  Today I state my case with
> certainty, not by degrees, but by dead reckoning.   If elvogt will allow me,
> I intend to finish that portion of the herbal and pharmaceutical sections
> that please me, but the fat lady won't sing at least and until I've finally
> read f1r.  I consider this my right, and if you wish to think of me as a
> crackpot until then, think away ...
>  GC


And thanks for shedding some light on the reasoning behind your EVA-criticism,
which now I understand way better.

I take it that you assume the "hooks" and tails hint to a change in the encoding
scheme of the VM? Still I missed to grasp the "primary" coding -- ie what is the
underlying principle in the first place? (You were talking about "numerical
strings"... I'm not sure what you meant there.) What would the encoding/decoding
algorithm be, if there were no hooks employed?

Sorry if I sounded too disgruntled previously. I don't consider you a crackpot
or would want to invalidate your theory; I just respond a bit allergic to people
 not providing details to their alleged findings. (I may also not have been
sensisitve enough to your irony.) IMHO, the list serves to make the cracking of
the VM a collaborative effort, so we should share our ideas and findings at the
earliest possible stage. (That's why I also posted my own failed attempts.) I
don't see it as a race who's first, but as a team building a cathedral. As such,
allusions a la "I almost have the answer, but will not tell you anything until
I'm sure" appear to be counter-productive to me. YMMV.


   Elmar (the man behind "elvogt")

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