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Re: VMs: Re: Important

From: "GC" <gc-@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 27 June 2004 01:16
Subject: Re: VMs: Re: Important

> Remember, this was back when I'd just finished my tedious transcription of
> the herbal section, and started playing with the data to see what came up
> that was missed before.  You may have enough encoded detail in EVA to do
> same analysis, and extend it to the remainder of the VMS.  You get strange
> words occurring, them go several pages and find them again.  The same with
> variants and wierdoes, separated by several pages.  Then you go back and
> aha, they may be separated by many pages, but they're on the same side of
> the same bifolio.  That wouldn't be normal if the herbal folios were
> as bound pages.

During many substitution attempts I have seen distinct patterns emerging at
points in the text. These tend to break up into strings of vowels at certain
Where they do occur there are repeats of syllables at remote locations and
rearrangements of the same letters into new syllables. Patterns seem to be
language like.

> > FWIW, to my eyes, the thematic groupings from page to page (ie between
> > bifolios, such as in the balneo section) and this idea (of text's being
> > written one bifolio side at a time) seem fairly incompatible in a
> > document - that is, the content is inter-bifolio, yet the writing is
> > intra-bifolio, which I think supports the idea of the document's having
> > been copied in some way.
> I think I've covered that, at least to my satisfaction.  Simply because
> somthing is happening in the herbal section doesn't mean it is elsewhere,
> even when we see the author picking up visual cues from the left side of a
> bifolio to the right.  He may have had the bifolios loose in a quire, and
> took them out to write upon consecutively, folio by folio, in other
> sections.  The real test would be to see if the text demonstrates any
> connection to the other half of the bifolio.  I've never made the "copy"
> connection, and I don't think what I've been saying points to it.  I
> thought I was saying that the VMS started out an herbal, but became
> something different, more comprehensive, as the author's knowledge grew.
> GC

I would agree 100% with your last remark. The VMS changed as the
construction progressed. How long a period do you assume the writing


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