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Re: VMs: Re: Re: Transcription Ramble

GC wrote:
> I'm actually more concerned with
> your identification of <sh> to <s>.  That's a disturbing political view if I
> ever saw one! :-)
> I am impressed that you agree with me on so many points of my ramble.  I
> thought it would go away unnoticed, like all other posts on this topic.
I have always paid attention to your posts. You chose a concrete angle
of attack and stuck to it. I have no idea if it's right. But it's going
to have to make beautiful simple sense to me like Brumbaugh's cipher. ;)

Unless I completely missed your sarcasm about <sh> vs <Sh>, I say
Currier/Z/, Frogguy[c't], EVA<Sh> could be many characters glommed
together. There are "c plume" /c+plume/[c']<e'> = /2/[s]<s>, & "long c
plume" //[e']<c'=164?> to name the obvious. So even the basic glyph is
in question with long and short versions with initial, medial, and final
plumes. And aren't you the one saying there are even round and pointed

> > Stand-alone characters are key to me. The marginal keys (if original)
> > f049v & f066r and the rings on f057v show many PARTS of glyphs that are
> > usually considered whole.
> I also made a pdf of these, something called a-singles.pdf.  Don't know
> where that went, but I have it if you want it.  If you compare
> transcriptions, many identifications of single glyphs are contested by the
> "half-space" perception problem from earlier images, but there are only a
> handful of stand-alones.
I should go back to your site. It's been a year or so.

> Do I have a job for you!  Seriously - my transcription font now contains
> about 99% of the information it will finally contain, but I assigned glyphs
> on a one-up order beyond the basic glyph mnemonics.  If you're interested,
> I'd like you to take that file and re-order the glyphs to a mnemonic system.
> I'd provide statistics on glyph popularity, etc.   If you're interested,
> contact me.
Email me what you've got if it's less than 200KB. Mail me a link if
larger. I'd like to see it.


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