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Re: VMs: Re: Re: Transcription Ramble

GC wrote:
> illumin8,
> > Minus your completely inappropriate political views (true or false) in
> > THIS venue, I whole-heartedly agree with the following snippets:
> Do I sound like a Democrat?  Hardly.  Until Gingrich took control of the
> house I was a died in the wool Republican.  Now I'm that middle third of
> American society that is sick and tired of political retort and rhetoric
> I have a
> military background that allows me to at least believe I've earned my right
> to speak my mind, without fear of being called "unpatriotic" or
> inappropriate" in my exercise of free speech.  I'm not a "hammer looking for
> a nail" here, I just think that relating my commentary to current events
> might be casual, but hardly inappropriate.
I will try to succinctly respond and just this once. We can continue
this subject off-list.

I have learned thru sad experience that most unsolicited political
opinions, a form of advice, are completely unwanted. Even unlearned
except thru personal experience.

Six months ago I started sending a political/religious/economic
email-newsletter of warning to friends and family that blew up in my
face. Political Correctness rules Amerika. I managed to piss off my
brother, cousin, & best friend enuf that we refused to talk to each
other for a few months. Thru much apologizing, mostly on my part,
everyone's talking again. But I decided to swear an oath to myself like
I did to join the Libertarian Party: I will not INITIATE the use of
force for political means. My personal oath: I will not INITIATE the
discussion of politix or religion. But I will always respond with
appropriate force. ;)

<Political Rant>
GC, our politix seem similar. I like to say that I was so conservative
that I became a Libertarian years ago when CFR/CIA/Bonesman Bush the 1st
threatened our Liberty. I listen to harder-to-find local "subversive"
Constitutional radio all day long. The false choice of Socialist Party A
or Socialist Party B is finally apparent to the average American.
Something different, no, something better - something Constitutional,
must be done or America is lost to the collectivist hordes. Each
Sovereign Individual American's Liberty is hanging by a thread like a
loose tooth. The Republic has fallen. The Empire is rising. I am an
orphan of a bankrupt culture.
</Political Rant>


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