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Re: VMs: Search for missing folios, quires et al.

John Grove wrote:
Does Newbold give any details about the now missing pages in his book?


Newbold carefully enumerated the number of leaves in each category, where I think the types were broken down into botanical, text-only, and so on. I just returned to Maui, and my Newbold is in California along with my Kraus notes, so I can't be more explicit, but it is possible to deduce from the leaves Newbold lists and the leaves we now have which kinds went missing. I don't recall whether I posted the specifics to the list when I discovered them, but anybody with a Newbold can reconstruct it.

Newbold was fooling himself about the shorthand, but I'm confident that he
was detail-oriented enough to get the count right!

The Voynich Ms we know about has the same composition as the one described
by Kraus.

I conjecture one or both of the Voyniches sent sample leaves to various
researchers to get their impression on decryption.  One might look amongst
the papers of Childs, Friedman, and various of the early authors of Voynich
	Jim Gillogly
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