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Re: VMs: Plants & astrology

Hi Jeff,
I do not know yet, but this seems of interest to me. Here are a couple of thoughts for food ( ;-) ):
In the VMs you have say a herbal and an astrological/astronomical section; its roots ( ;-) ) probably are in the midlle ages; at that time people and even highly educated ones believed that our world is a whole being.
Hence the motto "as above so below", and the idea of connecting such and such creature to another, e.g. stars with plants.
An other idea is more recent perhaps, which is the Paracelsian doctrine of signatures, with strong symbolic and perhaps cryptological ( ;-) ) aspects and which justified herbal healing and later homeopathy :
simili similibus curentur (like cures like).
And a third one was/is that there is a time for everything, for instance for gardening, for curing and so on.
I do not want to bore anybody with this but it was the very way the scribe X thought ( ;-) ).
He knew for instance that there is a link between the sunflower and the sun ( ;-) ) and between the lunaria and the moon; by the way the latter is also called by French peasants "monnaie du pape":  papal (silver of course ) coin(s) ( ;-) ).
Here are a couple of sites related to plants and planets, some of which really substantial ( I would quote the third one for the explanations of an astrological approach of plants ).







Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It is recognised that in early works plants were related to planets and
houses of the zodiac. Has anyone investigated this link with regards to the


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