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Re: VMs: Re: Re: Transcription Ramble

On 6/26/04 10:11 PM, "GC" <gc-@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I like the word "plume" instead of my "hook".  We're in agreement on this
> point.  These are separate entities and should be recorded as such.  I
> haven't looked at them all in the sids, but I can honestly say that I have
> viewed every single instance of this glyph form in the entire manuscript in
> microfilm.  My initial visual scan of the sids confirms to me what I was
> saying, and there is one added that I had identified but doubted, the <ch>
> with a dot over it.  I've checked the instances of this and the dot is no
> photographic artifact.  Don't forget to look for these plumes over other
> glyphs besides the <ch>.  You get some basic idea that there is a set of
> "constants" and a set of "variables".  At the very least this information
> should be encoded in the EVA transcription.

Perhaps a very minor point, but in Dee and Kelly's enochian alphabet, "y"
was noted as a separate character from "i" (called in the angelic script
"gon") by the addition of a dot over the character, thereby denoting in
effect a marginal 23rd character.

Maybe significant, and maybe not. But for those who like to assume a
connection between the VMS and Edward Kelly (a camp I don't personally
subscribe to at this point), perhaps at least worth considering...


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