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Re: VMs: Re: Re: Transcription Ramble

Clay Holden wrote:
> Perhaps a very minor point, but in Dee and Kelly's enochian alphabet, "y"
> was noted as a separate character from "i" (called in the angelic script
> "gon") by the addition of a dot over the character, thereby denoting in
> effect a marginal 23rd character.
And now for some epigraphic/calligraphic history:

When Late Middle English sloppy cursive writing closed the top of Wy
(Yy) to look like a clipped Thorn (Þþ) (or Tolkien's R tengwa) a dot was
placed over the Yy until those damned Dutch printers ;) got hold of
English. That's why we have "Ye Olde Candy Shoppe". That is a
bastardized Þorn in "Þe".

A similar thing happened with Old English Pp and Wynn (Ww). Only a bar
crossed Wynn's tail. Which also looked like a clipped Þorn which
sometimes had a bar crossing its top.

I wonder if they occured all at once? Pp P_p_ Þþ Þ^þ^ Y'y'


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