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Re: VMs: Search for missing folios, quires et al.

On Sunday 27 June 2004 16:28, Nick Pelling wrote:
> Is Newbold's book out of copyright yet? If it is, it would be a good thing 
> for a willing listmember to scan (there's plenty of hosting webspace out 
> there if you just ask for it).

Hmm... good idea. (I haven't read the book, btw)

> Similarly, we might find items of relevance to this "missing leaves" issue 
> in the Voynich papers for the critical 1919-1931 period. I don't know if 
> the Grolier Club would be interested in allowing scans of Box 6 to be made 
> - has anyone asked them?
>          http://www.grolierclub.org/LibraryAMC.VoynichPapers.htm

I have forgotten completely about this. Has anybody seen the contents or been 
in contact with this library?

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