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Re: VMs: f34 (was: Important)

I can probably track down the heraldry sites again. While I see the stallion 
features referred to in f34v, I might offer another suggestion for their 
"joined heads", with hole in the middle and hair above. This reminds me of 
the human female genitalia. The same might apply to f34r. Maybe the root 
structures in f34v represent a marriage of male and female?

Dana Scott

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> Hi Jon,
> At 14:01 29/06/2004 +0100, Jon Grove wrote:
> >Secondly (and this may just be a product of my sick mind), the roots on
> >f34v look like two ...errr... stallions? Some kind of animal anyway,
> >decidedly male, with intertwined 'parts' and their heads together, the
> >flower sprouting from their necks. Does this fit in with any kind of myth
> >or legend that anyone's aware of? I couldn't find anything on Google, but
> >wasn't quite sure what keywords to use!
> Dana Scott and I have mentioned crypto-heraldry before, in particular f43v
> (Visconti snake) and f46v (Novara eagle), which are both on the same
> bifolio. Curiously, f46v also has a hole integral to its design -
> coincidence? I also think f90v1's roots represent Cicco Simonetta's coat 
> of
> arms (whatever Rene thinks). :-)
> As for f34... however sick your mind actually is :-o, you may have spotted
> another pair of crypto-heraldic pictures here, well done! :-) The roots on
> f34v is (from the "claws" on its rear foot) possibly a lion or tiger, 
> while
> f34v seems (as you suggest) to represent two facing horses (or perhaps 
> lions?)
> If you want to search for this, I'd suggest looking at Italian 
> Quattrocento
> heraldry with lions / tigers / horses, especially (I'd add) for families
> with known connections to Milan. :-)
> Dana, do you still have a record of the heraldry sites we were searching
> for this kind of thing?
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....
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