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Re: Re: VMs: RE: Colored paints, touch-ups, and the michiton text

Hello Rene,  
======= At 2004-07-02, 01:13:00 you wrote: =======
if some colour may have been applied later,
>we can't really make too much from that. It may
>even have been someone else than the writer,
>just a couple of days later (just to give one

We may rather concentrate on the purpose of the pictures and the coloring itself. 
Many parts, mainly stems, are not colored at all. They only have the color of the 
vellum underneath, so they look quite  "transparent", even some blossoms. True,
they may have been  omitted for various reasons, but if it is 
a herbal, that would be inexcusable. 

In other places the color combinations are  unreal. Considering he/they had only
limited number of colors, it is partly understandable. But one would say that the
colors were added just haphazard, keeping only some basic rules: leafs being green
(or yellow, etc.), roots brown and blossoms in remaining  colors. One can
almost feel they were not meant to represent the real plants. Or if they were, 
the person filling the colors may have not seen the plants at all.  Of course there
may be the  other purpose: instead of being pure decoration, the coloring was supposed to hide something or simply confuse the casual viewer.  

We can go even further: some original plants have parts -  or their assemblings - 
that are simply looking unreal,  even for a layman like me. It seems to me the plants themselves were
supposed to convey something else. 

The associated problem would be the text underneath the 
coloring - in how many instances it happens and what is the purpose of it? 


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