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Re: Re: VMs: RE: Colored paints, touch-ups, and the michiton text

Hello Jan,

> We may rather concentrate on the purpose of the
> pictures and the coloring itself. 
> Many parts, mainly stems, are not colored at all.
> They only have the color of the 
> vellum underneath, so they look quite 
> "transparent", even some blossoms. True,
> they may have been  omitted for various reasons, but
> if it is  a herbal, that would be inexcusable. 

I'm not an expert [ :-) ] but it would be worth 
looking at "real" MS herbals, so see how much
was coloured.

> The associated problem would be the text underneath
> the  coloring - in how many instances it happens
> and what is the purpose of it? 

Yes, that is a very interesting 'new feature' of 
the MS that was previously not known, as far
as I can tell. I am intrigued by the lettering that is
clear at Gabriel's image processing page. This looks
almost like some intermediate form between
normal script and VMs script. What could that 
tell us???

Cheers, Rene

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