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Re: VMs: ... more fantasies about the michiton text

On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, [iso-8859-1] jean-yves artero wrote:

> Hi Mart,
> This is a good story, although I personally find your our ( ;-) ) a bit cryptic

thank you

> Here all is a site related to Komi letters:
> http://www.omniglot.com/writing/oldpermic.htm

If there are some interest for "Permic" alphabet (not the VMS-alphabet), this 
link takes for pure gold, what is written down in an old chronicle 
of Russian church. It's nice ... and probably written much later, far 
away from Perm.

This story tells - an Russian missionary is sitting down with illiterate 
nomads somewhere in northern Taiga or Tundra and creates a new alphabet for 
Why should he? If these nomads (trading with many far nations) are really so 
illiterate, why doesn't this missionary give them the light of Kirillic 
alphabet, created by holy men Kiril and Methodius?

This St. Stepan surely was very successful, but in the beginning he surely had 
to make compromises from the Russian standard religion. The alphabet was 
probably one such thing. We just don't know much of it early stages. Also, we 
can't "audiatur et altera pars" - you could just guess, where are the documents 
of the side, which was in opposition with Russian mission in the Perm region...

the truth is, we can't be sure, where came this alphabet an we do not know much
of it's early incarnations ... when working with old documents, we should be
a bit critical always ...

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