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Re: VMs: ... more fantasies about the michiton text

Hi Mart

Here may be found varieties of Komi and other writing as well as good 

This site, also, might be of interest:

Ciao ....... Knox

On 6 Jul 2004 at 16:08, Mart Vabar wrote:

> If there are some interest for "Permic" alphabet (not the
> VMS-alphabet), this link takes for pure gold, what is written down in
> an old chronicle of Russian church. It's nice ... and probably written
> much later, far away from Perm.
> This story tells - an Russian missionary is sitting down with
> illiterate nomads somewhere in northern Taiga or Tundra and creates a
> new alphabet for them. Why should he? If these nomads (trading with
> many far nations) are really so illiterate, why doesn't this
> missionary give them the light of Kirillic alphabet, created by holy
> men Kiril and Methodius?
> This St. Stepan surely was very successful, but in the beginning he
> surely had to make compromises from the Russian standard religion. The
> alphabet was probably one such thing. We just don't know much of it
> early stages. Also, we can't "audiatur et altera pars" - you could
> just guess, where are the documents of the side, which was in
> opposition with Russian mission in the Perm region...
> the truth is, we can't be sure, where came this alphabet an we do not
> know much of it's early incarnations ... when working with old
> documents, we should be a bit critical always ...

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