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Re: VMs: Re: Who got ...?

Hi again Mart, your thoughts I share to a broad extent, but as we are here in a fact finding team ( hopefully ) I come back to you with some comments and questions.

Mart Vabar <mesinik@xxxxxx> wrote:

On Sat, 3 Jul 2004, DANA SCOTT wrote:
> again ready for viewing (and smelling; garlic?).

a good point.
also, it could be interesting to find people, connected to the
early trade negotiations around the VMS ... to ask them about some things.
one point of interest could be to ask them, if they got possible
"suggestions" from secret services.
both Voynich and Kravchinsky was probably "interesting" for ss-es.

True, and alreaydy done to some extent, by some elder members of this list; I don t fully understand you ss-es abbreviation : secret services? Oh yes, especially K. But V. too as a revolutionary guy. There are books avalaible on this topic, in English, but perhaps more in Russian? I read somewhere that V. and perhaps K. were at some stage occasional users of cryptograms ( not surprisingly, I have to admit).

this is an old story anyway and it could be possible, the participants will
tell us about possible advices for trade or even about the origin of VMS.
not much hope, but maybe worth to try.

OK Do you think the Italian tour by Ethel and Stepniak could be relevant? The preparation of the VMS "bargain" should be traced between say 189X and 191X, right? In a  way, one century ago; I cannot imagine at the moment that even in the case of a hoax, or of a "ss-es" file, some people are still to be protected. VMS is not quite old hat, but, you know, we are now in the XXIst century, it s said here and there!

Back to Tagam scripts: I think it s to be found too in Hungary, Lituania, and perhaps even Britain. The latter one is perhaps more a legend : a Sarmathian story?


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